Friday, December 23, 2011

It's a dogs life....

Long time no blog......seems now that I am back at work spare time is a very precious commodity, just ask our dog who is sadly lacking in the walking department.  Prior to Ciera he was walked twice a day, Ciera came home and he was reduced to once a day, then when I went back to work it was once every other day and weekends, Tienna came home (mom off work) he was back to maybe once a back to work now and he's lucky if he gets walked twice a week.  This explains why he does things like......stealing precious stuffed animals from small children.  I regularly hear Tienna "ahhhh..... MINE...awson.... NO!" as Dawson has stolen baby right out of her arms and walked away with it.  He knows better though than to go after Mama fish, Ciera's pride and joy!!!

Last weekend Ciera and I made (ok it was premade we just had to decorate it) a gingerbread house, it came with a marshmallow snowman and a gingerbread tree and it was very cute.

 I placed it on the sideboard in the dining looked great...for about 3 hours.  Then I noticed the tree was missing I looked on the floor and there was half of the tree, needless to say gingerbread and a dogs digestive system are not overly compatible and he spent ALOT of time outside that night. 

Lesson learned I moved the house to the middle of the kitchen table...yesterday Ciera asks "where is the snowman?"...hmmm...I don't's gone.  My best guess is that the cats and the dog joined forces for this one.  Likely scenario is the one of the cats knocked it to the floor and the dog ate it.  Either that or the cats decided it would be fun to play with and I will find it somewhere in say....June?!

Yesterday Dawson somehow got tangled in the lights on our tree, thank goodness he knew to stand still and wait for me or the tree would have been knocked over completely.  It took me quite a few minutes to untangle him.

Hard to believe he is almost 11 years old , he still acts about 11 months at times, but I know he is sorely missing the walks and the attention he used to get, and just like a human kid when he will take any attention negative or positive.  It's one of my resolutions to ensure he gets more attention starting NOW, putting it in writing make me accountable for it!

Today is a beautiful sunny, reasonably mild December day....I think Dawson and I will head out for a quick run....we could both use the exercise!!

Who could resist this face?!!!

Dawson in his new spot...on the couch.  He doesn't even get down or try to look guilty anymore when I catch him there!

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